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RotoEraser | Drill Powered Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponges | High Density Melamine Scrubber Pads with Drill Attachment for The Bathroom Kitchen Floors Baseboards Grout Magic Marker Walls & More - B7V788A0A

Availability: In Stock



  • ✔️MAGIC ERASING PAD + YOUR CORDLESS DRILL = THE ROTOERASER - We’ve taken the magic erasing sponges that you already know and love and attached them to your cordless drill so you can magically erase stubborn scuffs and stains at over 2,000 RPM. The package includes 3x RotoEraser Magic Erasing Pads, 1x Drill Connector Plate and 1x Metal Connector Shaft. DRILL NOT INCLUDED!!

  • ✔️IT’S MAGIC ERASING WITHOUT THE ELBOW GREASE - Nothing takes the elbow grease out of cleaning like the magic erasing RotoEraser. It’s ultra high powered cleaning at the touch of a button and the most efficient cleaning tool you’ll ever use.

  • ✔️ENDLESS USES - The RotoEraser works great in the bathroom as a grout cleaner, soap scum remover, bathtub stain eraser, and in the kitchen on the stovetop, in the oven, as a pot scrubber and to eliminate stains in the sink, on food storage containers, and coffee cups. It works wonders on scuffs and stains on hardwood floors, baseboards and walls and even microfiber couches! It works on crayon with ease and nothing removes permanent marker like the RotoEraser. Take it outside for even more uses!

  • ✔️JUST ADD WATER - Just spray and spin away. Ordinary tap water is the key to unlocking the power of the RotoEraser. Either spray both the eraser and the stain with a good amount of water from a spray bottle, or take the RotoEraser to your sink, wet it and spin out the excess water. You can use chemical cleaners if you want, but ordinary tap water is all you need. If the sponge dries out, just add more water. Pro Tip: fill a spray bottle with water and keep at your side while RotoErasing.

  • ✔️HIGH DENSITY MELAMINE WITH INCREASED DURABILITY - We’ve increased the Melamine density beyond even the most extra durable magic erasing competitors. Like all melamine sponges, these will wear away as you use them, but the higher density ensures maximum cleaning lifetime. Re-ordering more RotoEraser Pads is easy!

  • ✔️If you like magic cleaning erasers, you'll love the RotoEraser. It's a high density magic erasing sponge that you can attach to your cordless drill making easy work of even the toughest scuffs and stains. Nothing takes the elbow grease out of cleaning like the RotoEraser. It works great on grout in the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning stoves and ovens, sneakers, removing crayon and magic marker, removing stains from food storage containers, cleaning walls and baseboards, car rims and patio furniture - even microfiber couches! Drill not included.

    ✔️Tips for effective RotoEraser use:

    1) RotoErasers need water, just like regular magic cleaning erasers. There are two options, I like to use a spray bottle and spray the RotoEraser directly with water and spray the stain with water as well. Don't be shy when it comes to using water. Alternatively, you can take the RotoEraser to the sink when it is attached to your drill and let it soak up water under the faucet. This works great, but make sure to spin out the excess water. It can absorb a lot, so by spinning it out for a second in the sink to get rid of the excess, you'll save some clean up later on.

    2) Play around with the pressure. You need to apply pressure for the RotoEraser to remove stains, but there is no need to overdo it. Start with a light to moderate amount of pressure and increase from there. Some stains (magic marker, spray paint) require a lot of pressure, while others (crayon, baseboard scuffs) require less. With some practice, you'll be a RotoEraser expert in no time.

    3) Have a paper towel handy to wipe up excess water and residue from the sponge and stain. The sponge is a high density melamine foam sponge, just like magic cleaning erasers, they wear away as you use them.

    4) Have fun. RotoErasing is surprisingly fun - we hope you like it.

    ✔️Drill not included. Includes 3 RotoEraser Magic Erasing Pads, 1 Drill Connector Plate and 1 Metal Connector Shaft.

    RotoEraser | Drill Powered Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponges | High Density Melamine Scrubber Pads with Drill Attachment for The Bathroom Kitchen Floors Baseboards Grout Magic Marker Walls & More - B7V788A0A

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