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HOMTOYOU Spray Mop Upgrade for Floor Cleaning Floor Mop with a Refillable Spray Bottle and 3 Washable Pads Flat Mop for Home Kitchen Hardwood Laminate Wood Ceramic Tiles Floor Cleaning - BOJCJ1IUM

Availability: In Stock



  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Harmless to floor, Reusable microfiber pad go for all floor types, such as Hardwood, Laminate Wood, Ceramic Tiles and etc. Ergonomic handgrip control and rod length. Make floor cleaning easy and simple.

  • Save Time:- The responsive spray head allows you to spray as much or as little liquid as you desire. Save unnecessary time and frustration moping up unwated water. Add in our 360° swivel head and get around bulky, heavy furniture without the headache of moving it all around.

  • 3 FREE REPLACEMENT PADS: Two thoughtful mop cleaning pads for your replacement, which are soft, water-absorbing, durable and reusable. Prolong the service life of the mop and save you money;Lastly, no need for batteries as you have more control with a manual spray handle.

  • Cleaning Solution Options: The refillable bottle allows you to choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. Try environmentally friendly cleaning with lemon or essential oils in water, or you may use the strongest chemicals.

  • Environmentally & Nonwoven:Feel good knowing that you are decreasing harmful waste vs competitors that use expensive and excessive disposables. We created our mop to clean the world, not add more garbage.

  • Are you fed up with traditional mops?
    Are you tired of hauling around a heavy bucket and mop to clean your floors?
    Do you want to get rid of bulky bucket?
    Please don’t worry, our Hardwood Floor can help to get your home sparkling without striking a blowing! We've combined a mop and cleaning solution into one efficient tool, which will help you reduce the possibility for back-aches.
    There are some reasons why you need a HOMTOYOYU spray mops:
    ❀Easy Operation:
    You No need to carry a bucket; which relieve you from pain in arms.

    ❀Multifunctional Mop:
    Suitable for flat floors, glasses & windows: Imagine having one tool that does all of floor mopping, window cleaning & glass wiping!

    ❀Comfortable Handle Grip:
    The ergonomically designed handle gives you a comfortable grip to easily reach the trigger. So you can squeeze the trigger effectively to spray only the required amount of liquid. Thus you can clean any type of floors without damaging the wooden floors.

    ❀360 Degree Swing:
    The mop head can swing 180 degrees. It turns and twists to provide twice the coverage, which is easy to reach every corner of your room with ease, even the narrow spaces between furniture.

    ❀Spray mist, not water!
    It finely sprays sufficient amount of mist which supplies enough moisture to clean your floors / windows.

    ❤How to install the spray mop:
    ✔Please press the white button to connect all the three stick handles together;
    ✔Please insert the bottle with strength;
    ✔Attach the Lower Handle the Mop Base with strength;
    ✔Place the Mirofiber Cleaning Pad onto the Mop Base.

    Package Included:

    HOMTOYOU Spray Mop Upgrade for Floor Cleaning Floor Mop with a Refillable Spray Bottle and 3 Washable Pads Flat Mop for Home Kitchen Hardwood Laminate Wood Ceramic Tiles Floor Cleaning - BOJCJ1IUM

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